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Tech Enabled Anglers

TE Anglers is dedicated to changing the way we fish – by making technology-integrated fishing products that will revolutionize the industry, increase our understanding of our oceans, and unite a community of fishery activists in securing a sustainable future for our planet.


Our philosophy is to be customer and data driven entrepreneurs focused on changing the way we fish and socialize with our fishing friends.



Alex Min

Chief Fishermen


A passionate fisher and outdoor enthusiast. Alex served for 6 years on Active Duty with the United States Coast Guard and continues to serve in the Reserves. His background and education took him across the United States and world where he was able to fish and explore fisheries of different countries. His favorite fishing to do when not actively working on TE Anglers is fishing for white sea bass at night. Alex holds a MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from University of San Francisco and a BS in Marine Environmental Science from the United States Coast Guard Academy.

Lloyd Diaz

Chief Technologist


 Lloyd is a California native who grew up fishing off the coast of Ventura County and the Channel Islands. His passion and love for fishing led him to the United States Coast Guard Academy where he earned a BS in Naval Architecture. He and Alex have been fishing buddies ever since and aspired to start their own company upon leaving the Coast Guard to better marine fisheries and data collection. In his free time he enjoys mountain bike riding and halibut fishing in San Francisco Bay.


Darren Yong

Head of Marketing

Darren is a passionate technologist and interested in all things the future of web 3.. 

He has 4 years of experience working in the field of marketing, leading digital marketing and growth marketing to prior and current companies in the US and Asia. He graduated from the University of San Francisco with a masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is fluent in 4 different languages and enjoys team sports in his free time.

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Isabella Rodriguez

Intern and Special Projects

Isabella is currently a student at the University of San Francisco, where she is earning a Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Prior to her current education, she earned a B.A. in Psychology. As an intern for  TE Anglers, she focuses on social media and human resources. She brings 5+ years of experience in the agriculture industry, with a background in accounting and human resources, and a deep understanding of the industry. Her hope through the internship is tolearn about how a business starts and runs in order to create her own business in the future. 

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