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Fishing Trips & Updates

A place to hear and see what we've been in up to when we're not working on Fish Alert.

Fisherman's Landing 2/3/2023

Part of our grant funding allowed us to head down to Southern California to conduct interviews, do market research, and observe fisheries in different areas. Overall, the trip was insightful and many new connections made. We received both positive as well as negative feedback on Fish Alert and whether it was a product fishermen would use. As far as the fishing goes, we went out on the Dolphin, an 85 foot charter boat out of Fisherman's landing where we spent the day off of Imperial, CA. The company of about 14 fishers, two crew and a Captain boated 38 Barred Sand Bass and 40 California Scorpionfish. I ended up catching a Barred Sand Bass and a Couple small Calico, which were all released. It made for a great day on the water, and was fortunate enough to even have some dry-aged Bluefin from Tuna-Ville Market.


Summer Halibut Derby

We made a quick trip down to Ventura, California in June and were able to get out for some epic halibut fishing. We caught 14 fish and released many between the 7 of us. What a trip. We ended up fishing a squid bed and it was non-stop action, the halibut must have been int he hundreds around the squid. What an epic day.


We made it up to the Gualala River (2.5 hrs up the 101 and then 1). Flows were great 360 cfs and I was the only one out on the river. We fished the South stretch of the river from 12-3. A couple small grabs (baby steelhead), but no silver bullets. I did see one fish jump. Being on the river is like food for the soul. Always a great time catch or no catch.


Gualala River 1/26/2023

Happy New Year! Crazy to think that it's 2023. Was fortunate to spend the new year in Hawaii and get out with two long-time friends and catch some fish. We drifted live opelu (mackerel scad) off the Moku Manus, near Kaneohe Marine Corp Base and ended up with a few nice fish for dinner. We also bottom fished some of the ledges and caught some nice reef fish. Gotta love Hawaii Small-boat fleet. 


Moku Manus - Kaneohe, HI 1/6/2023

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